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There are many ceiling fans on the market, most of them quite ordinary.  Then there are those that clearly stand apart from all the others--like Casablanca ceiling fan.  Long admired as distinctive and unique works of art, Casablanca fans also deliver winning performance every day.

But, making a fan that's both efficient and reliable, as well as a beautiful decorative accessory, isn't easy or inexpensive.  The expertise and dedication of Casablanca's engineers, designers, and craftsmen is reflected in the exciting dynamics of the fan's styling as well as its superb overall performance.  And when creating a Casablanca Fan, only the highest quality materials will do,.  A state-of-the-art fan motor that is guaranteed for the life of the fan is just the beginning.  Every Casablanca also has beautiful blades, carefully balanced to prevent wobble and die cast zinc metal parts for durability and silent performance.

A Casablanca ceiling fan is one of the few true luxuries in life that also saves you money.  You'll use your air conditioning less in the summer.  And, even in winter, your Casablanca recirculates warm air trapped on the ceiling to provide greater comfort as well as energy savings.  So bring the comfort and beauty of a Casablanca ceiling fan into your home.  You'll be glad you selected the world's finest ceiling fan.  Casablanca ceiling fan, your obvious choice.

Quality Inside & Out

When Casablanca made their first ceiling they utilized many time-consuming, expensive extra steps to ensure the impeccable quality and efficient performance of the finished products.  Their commitment to quality is evident in every part of their ceiling fans.
  • Casablanca ceiling fan blades are crafted with six layers of wood in a cross-laminated pattern and finished with two outer layers of real furniture-grade wood veneer for lasting beauty and durability.  Some Casablanca ceiling fans feature carved wood blades for exceptional design detail.
  • Casablanca fan motor housing are die-cast and steel construction, for unmatched motor durability.  The housing's plated or handpainted finish stays

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